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Sandella's is the fastest growing and largest flatbread concept in the world with over 100 locations across the USA and an additional 30 in Saudi Arabia, Malta, Turkey and Dubai. Today, with over 25 years of experience and countless years of perfecting our recipes, Sandella's Express Cafe is launching into Australia, offering delicious Burgers, Pizzas, Sandwiches and Salads.

Over the past year, we've worked hard to adapt and tailor our American menu to the Australian Market whilst also providing Aussies with some American inspired food combinations.  We pride ourselves on using premium quality ingredients that are 95% locally sourced and great tasting. Sandella's is primed to be the name that everyone remembers when they want fresh, fast and delicious meals on-the-go. We make everything within the store, so it is the freshest option that we can provide customers, including our hand stretched pizzas that bring a touch of Italy to any store location with our authentic Italian pizza sauce. 

Our first corporate Sandella's location is just 60 minutes from Brisbane in the Moreton Bay region at Caboolture. Each future store location will be carefully selected using mapping software that takes into account demographics such as disposable income, population density and competitor locations in order to provide the best traffic into the Sandella's stores. With our freshly made burgers, pizzas, sandwichessalads and more, our brand connects and creates brand amabassadors. From breakfast to lunch or snacks and all the way into dinner, Sandella's is the preferred choice of those looking for a fast and fresh alternative. 


Sandella’s is new to Australia, but not new to franchising, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to this franchising partnership in Australia. 


We know a thing or two about creating positive franchise partner relationships. We keep Operations simple, have fair royalties - yes, you heard that right - and food supplied at market costs. These differences make us a leader in our category and creates a win-win opportunity for you and most importantly, your customers. We pride ourselves on offering the best training through face-to-face interactions and training online. If fresh, tasty and delicious fast food is your thing, we want to hear from you!

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Chief Executive Officer

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Why Sandella's will be a success in Australia

From founder, Mike Stimola: "I came to Australia because a restaurant group approached my company and wanted to purchase the development rights to Sandella’s for Australia.  They also asked that I come and help them launch the brand.  My wife and I came to the Gold Coast in December 2017.  We fell in love with Australia immediately.  The weather is awesome.  We thought Australian people were warm and inviting, and we made friends quickly. 


But we found that the franchising model in Australia is broken, and the folks we sold to were not reputable.  We quickly decided we loved Australia, but the guys we sold to were not the right fit for our philosophy and brand, so we terminated their contract. We stayed here to look for a new developer; therefore, we went from making a fee and having someone pay for us to be here, to no fee and paying for ourselves to live here. And we thought it was well worth it! Australia is a great place!


Franchising only works when everyone wins: The customer in the store. The franchisee who owns the store. The store suppliers and the franchisor.  In Australia, it seemed that customers were relatively happy with the franchise offerings, but the only people making money in the chain was the franchisor.  And even worse than not making money – lives have been ruined at the franchise, supplier, and worker levels.


By the time we returned to America in April of 2018, we had not found a developer.  We went back to the USA feeling confident we could find someone.  We sold our house and moved back to Australia full time in September 2018. (We have so many amazing “Aussie Stories” in between, but there’s too many to go through). We kept looking for a developer. Thirty days later, I made the decision to be the developer and see what we could do on our own. 


After-all, I had started Sandella’s in the US and expanded into the Middle East.  Australia seemed like a good challenge.  I quickly decided to start building our own store to demonstrate our vision, and then see if Australian Entrepreneurs were interested in joining us as Area Developers, and starting their own business opportunities within customisable territories, "so that’s what we've done!"

Australia is a great opportunity

Sandella’s is bringing a broad range of food options to Australia served in a quick-service environment for eat-in, take- away and delivery.  We're providing a combination of healthy food options and treat yourself meals.  

In the USA, healthier food options happened about 10-15 years ago and was led by salad concepts. The same thing is happening here in Australia with some salad brands. They are wildly successful to a narrow group of people whose primary focus is on health or prefer to go to salads. What ended up happening in the USA and may happen in Australia, too, is that the larger group of the population will begin to focus on healthier eating, but will want a wider range of products than just salads.  That is where the Sandella’s sandwich and salad range comes in.

We have also tailored our product offerings here to be 70% Australian-influenced and 30% Sandella’s current menu offerings globally (primarily in the US and MiddleEast). Thats why we're offering pizzas, burgers, sandwiches  (wraps and paninis), and also salads as we launch here in Australia. Oh, and we serve fries (hot chips!) in Australia, but we don’t in the US.  We have put our own twist on chips by flash baking them, and offer regular and sweet potato options as healthier, delicious alternatives to fried hot chips.

Australia has approximately 25M people.  In the USA, there are roughly 350M people.  Aussies have a great thing going here: a better work-life mix.  Better dad involvement in their kids’ lives – men pushing prams is 100 times more prevalent here than in the USA – and that is awesome.  It is funny – people seem to want what they don’t have – Americans love the Aussies, yet Aussies seem to want to be like Americans. It’s possible to combine the best of both. In Australia, Sandella’s hopes to contribute by offering our healthier quick-served food with an Australian twist in the land down under.

Area Developer Territories Available 

Build Your Own franchise business in a customisable territory you own. Your exclusive territory will allow for the construction of 10 or more stores over 10 years.  You will be required to build 1 FLAGSHIP location that you will use to earn income, sell from, and train future franchisees. The remaining stores you can franchise to others and collect franchise and training fees as well as on-going royalties. Or you can build more stores for yourself, with a 50/50 split of fees and royalties between the Area Developer and the Franchisor.  This is a unique offer suitable for individuals that:

  • Can own and operate your own fast casual restaurant

  • Like to interact with people and can learn to sell franchises

  • Know your market well and can locate good real estate locations

  • Comfortable overseeing small construction projects

  • Like to train and manage people

  • Have $125,000 in investable capital and the ability to fund and build their own store


The investment for each 10 store Territory is $125k and includes the Franchise and Training Fees for your first store.  Sandella’s will also provide the preliminary training for the Area Development Position once you sign up. As well as additional support and training throughout the development of your business. 

Stores Available Now



  • $299,000 

  • 107 Lower King Street Caboolture QLD, 4510

  • Size: 70m2 + 120m2 alfresco

  • Includes all costs such as fit out, equipment, franchisee fee, training and legal fees

  • Financing available for qualified buyers 


In 2008, Abela & Co was looking to acquire its first international F&B franchise and attended the prestigious National Restaurant Association Food Show in Washington DC. Although we had been in the food service business for over 41 years, this was our first real venture into the retail space so we needed to ensure that we chose wisely, with the aim to find a concept that was easy enough to set up, was adaptable to our customer premises, provided us with flexibility to offer a ‘local’ menu experience and had tested operating procedures and systems in place.


Having looked and spoken to hundreds of potential franchisors, we met with Mike Stimola and his team and from the onset, we were able to grasp the simplicity of the Sandella’s concept and the potential value it would bring to our business and our customers. The low cost of entry, great tasting, healthier and adaptable menu products, simplistic operating systems and a well thought out marketing support mechanism made choosing Sandella’s an easy decision.

Abela & Co acquired the first overseas master franchise rights for Sandella’s Flatbread Café in 2009. Today, we actively operate Sandella’s stores throughout the UAE.


- Abed Hannawi

Chief Executive Officer

Abela & Co

Reasons to join our Sandella's Family? 


• On-Trend Menu, Branding and Technology

• Simple Operations

• Flexible Locations – lower rents

• Hands-on and Virtual Training

• Full Manuals and Documentation

• Fair Weekly Royalties

• Food Supplies at Market Pricing

• Marketing Money managed by Franchisees

• A Win-Win Opportunity

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